InstructorVijay Shinde
TypeOnsite Course
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A Software Tester’s Journey from Getting a Job to Becoming a Test Leader!”

What do we Cover in this eBook?

Chapter #1: Software Testing as a Career

  • Career options for software testing professionals
  • Selecting software testing as your career
  • Getting a job in software testing
  • Preparing a good software testing QA resume
  • Preparing for software testing interview
  • Switching from Manual to Automation testing career
  • Switching to software testing from other fields

Chapter #2: Getting Started in Software Testing

  • Practical testing process followed in most of the companies
  • Introducing formal testing QA processes on a team
  • Importance of domain knowledge
  • How to write good test cases
  • Using software testing templates
  • Testing methodologies
  • Tips to test banking applications
  • Getting started with Agile Testing

Chapter #3: Testing Tips for Continuous Growth and Excel in Your Career

  • How to be a good tester
  • Qualities of a good test leader
  • Creative thinking
  • Starting automation testing on your project
  • Software testing best practices and tips
  • Top three testing certifications and application process
  • How to progress in the field of software testing
  • How to ask for promotion and salary increase
  • The software tester’s guide to survive the economic downturn

Chapter #4: How to Manage Defects Like a Pro

  • Defect life cycle
  • Sample defect report
  • Tips to write a good defect report
  • Tips to find critical defects in an application
  • Defect troubleshooting tips

Chapter #5: Web Testing Complete Guide

  • How to test web application
  • Website Cookie Testing
  • Sample test cases for testing web applications
  • Web application security testing techniques

Chapter #6: Test Team and Project Management

  • Writing weekly status report
  • Importance of Software Testing QA documentation
  • How to build a successful QA team
  • Tips for testing under tight deadlines

Bonus Chapter #7:

  • Freelance testing opportunities for testers to earn extra income!